Audacity with Personal Critique

Personal Critique to accompany the Audacity Course

Audacity with Personal Critique

The Audacity with Personal Critique includes a review of your copy once you’ve completed my course. I'll review up to five pages including Home, About, Work with Me and more (or other pages of your choice) as well as your tagline if you’ve created one.  

You’ll then receive a one-to-one phone or Skype call or a personal email from me with suggestions for improvement and getting your copy to courageously and creatively portray your brand.

You'll receive all the same content in the Audacity course and you'll work through all the course modules. At the end of the course, I will review your copy and provide you with your personalised critique.

About Audacity

In a crowded online world where everyone is trying to be seen and copy is getting louder, longer and more formulaic and predictable, I’ve put together a course that promotes courageous copy and having the audacity to be the authentic you.

This means crafting a voice that reflects your values and a message that has meaning, not just copy that’s full of clichés and try-hard sales saturated sentences.

Audacity will teach you how to sound like you and write effectively to attract your perfect target customer, without any of the sales spiel, resulting in succinct yet soulful copy.

I will successfully teach you all that I’ve learnt in my career as a copywriter, writing for brands around the world. I will coach you through how to develop copy that will convert your customer and effectively convey the essence of you

Here are my secrets to standing up, showing yourself, and having the audacity to create copy that is authentic to you. Because great brands are heard and not just seen.

The course will show you:

✔ Why you need to have audacity in who you are and how, when coupled with authenticity this translates into successful copy

✔ The importance of your core values, key messages and getting a porpoise or turtleneck into as many conversations as possible

✔ How to put into place the copywriting pillars, choosing a name, a strapline, a web domain and a tone of voice and ensuring consistency in all communication

✔ Tips on creating an effective Home page, get your porch looking great and why it doesn’t always start with Hello

✔ How remembering the Goddess will keep you building trust with your customer

✔ Ways to write an About page that authentically show who you are and attract the right customers (and why I don’t care what your CV says!)

✔ Tips on putting together an enticing Work With Me page and why you’re unlikely to stay at The Ritz for £1

✔ Help with writing copy for social media, advertising and newsletters (Why everyone wants to enjoy fluffy pancakes in bed!)

✔ The importance of editing and proofreading and why sometimes you have to override your natural instinct

And lastly, why there’s no such thing as sex on a first sentence!

What people say about working with Jess...

"Jess is very straight up and honest and whacked me with some good ol’ honest home truths about the way I’ve been thinking and approaching my business.  She inspired me to be confident in myself and my work, and not compare myself to other people.  I am individual, I am wild, I am me and hopefully I will attract the right clients that feel the same” Jo Clement, Enchanted Brides Photography

“This was my first time working with a copywriter so I didn’t know the ins and outs of the process but Jess made every step a breeze.  She took what I wanted to express and made me sound much more mature and professional without losing any personality!  I’d definitely recommend working with her if you’re in need of finding your “voice” but don’t know how to put it together” Belinda Love Lee

“Jess has been an absolute delight to work with.  Writing copy which both describes the essence of who I am with the specifics of the mental health therapy I provide is a delicate dance.  I wanted few words yet much feel.  I wanted someone who would take the time to really understand me, and develop a wholehearted relationship with me.  I wanted courage, acceptance, and trust to lead in our work together.  Jess took all my desires to heart and gave words to both my practice and my soul.  Brilliant!”  Resa Hayes

“I found Jess online and knew I wanted to work with her.  Her passion for authenticity and courage meant that working with her went so far beyond writing words for my website.  She made sure that what I was saying was something worth saying.  She encouraged me to be brave and say what I really meant and felt.  Working with Jess was wonderful.  She made a potentially overwhelming project something I looked forward to every day.  I cannot recommend her enough.”  Lelia Marie Photography


Welcome to Audacity, the Personal Critique Option
Module 6: Home - There’s no such thing as sex on a first sentence (well, not good sex anyway)
Module 7: About - Your qualifications are not what’s setting you apart, they’re what’s keeping you the same
Module 11: Social Media - You never know who’s watching you when you think you’re picking your nose in private


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Jess Collins
Jess Collins
Courageous Content for Authentic Brands


Jess Collins is a copywriter who creates courageous content for authentic brands.  With over ten years of experience writing for clients internationally, she has written for a variety of industries including luxury, tourism, wedding, business, education and creative markets.  

Jess has written about content marketing regularly as an expert for business publications such as The Guardian and has written articles for places including Belong magazine, Rock My Style and the Female Entrepreneur Association.  She is based from her studio by the sea in Cornwall.  

You can find her on Instagram @theferalwriter 

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